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23rd November 2016 – Does your business have a back-up broadband solution? 


In the modern world businesses are becoming totally reliant on their broadband connection and many are unable to operate sufficiently, if at all, should their broadband connection ever fail. Many businesses still operate from a single broadband connection and have no back-up solution should a fault ever occur.


One solution is to have a secondary Broadband line that runs in conjunction with the primary Broadband line which can reap many benefits for a business. One of these is the ability to failover (to switch from one line to the next automatically, should one fail) from a primary to a secondary connection.

There is however a major flaw in this type of setup, and that is both lines, regardless of Internet Service Provider will use the same copper telephone cabling to the building. One mishap from a building contractor and both lines could suddenly disappear.

Here’s where 4G comes in! 4G has evolved over the past few years to match, and in some areas exceed, the speed of fixed lines. Coverage is improving on a daily basis and many routers now include a 4G WAN option as standard (SIM slot, no USB modem or drivers needed). So when the fixed line experiences an outage, the 4G connection automatically takes up the task of routing connectivity over the mobile network.


A major benefit that 4G has over a fixed line is lower costs, a PAYG data SIM can sit idle, incurring no costs until it’s used, whereas fixed lines incur monthly rental fees, even when not in use. The only cost is replacing your router… very minimal compared to loss of productivity or a customer’s order!

For more information on a back-up broadband solution please speak with your Account Manager.


7th September 2016 – We have a winner !


Congratulations to Matt Gore at Hook Mason based on Widemarsh Street who has won the competition for a fitness tracker in our very first company newsletter.

We received a great response to the competition where we simply asked our customers to email their feedback to the newsletter which will enable us to make improvements for future editions of our new way in informing people about everything going on here at Redline.

Pictured below is our Key Account Manager Alex presenting the prize to Matt who is an Architectural Assistant for the award winning architects and surveyors.

A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition and we are delighted with the amount of positive feedback we have received.


tracking hereford



23rd August 2016 – Enter our competition to win a fitness tracker !


Back in July we launched the very first edition of Redline News which was sent out to all of our customers. We have been overwhelmed by the positive response we have received for this new way of keeping everyone updated on everything going on here at Redline.

Fitness Tracker


As part of the newsletter we gave all customers the chance to win a fitness tracker simply by emailing any feedback to: hello@redlinetele.com


We will be doing the draw at midday on Wednesday 31st August so don’t forget to email your feedback across before then if you want your name to be in the hat to win the fitness tracker!




8th August 2016 – Ray completes the IRONMAN challenge!

A huge congratulations to our Vehicle Installation Director Ray Morgan who has completed the Ironman challenge in Zurich, Switzerland.

The gruelling triathlon event included a 2.4 mile open water swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run to finish it off! Ray completed the challenge in just over 12 hours to cap off an absolutely remarkable achievement.




Following a training regime in which he covered over 3,000 miles Ray has been raising money for Callums Dream. If you would like further information on this or would like to make a donation to a great cause please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/Callum-sDream

We are please to announce that Ray has managed to return to work and has not ruled out doing another Ironman challenge in the future!

19th July 2016 – Redline News is launched!


We are excited to announce that the very first edition of Redline News is hot off the press and we will be sending it out to all of our customers within the next few days.

Redline NewsletterThe newsletter lets everyone know what’s going on here at Redline along with the latest industry news.

The first issue contains a review of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone by Alex, advice on call handling from Bob and Nick as well as information on George’s visit to Arthur Oakley Transport where he got to see one of our vehicle tracking units in action!

We hope you enjoy it and your feedback is very much appreciated as we always want to improve!




11th March 2016 – FSB Hereford Networking Event


All the staff at Redline would like to thank everyone who attended the very first FSB Hereford Networking event last night which we were proud to host at our walk-in office here on Commercial Road.

Both our Directors Colin and Edward James gave a short talk about the history of Redline and it was a great opportunity for local business to do some informal networking.






11th November 2015 – Congratulations George!



A big congratulations to George our Business & Administration Apprentice who recently travelled to Newport to compete in the Welsh TABG Takewondo Tournament; earning himself a Bronze in the Men’s Lightweight Sparring Division.

George joined the Redline team back in the summer and is currently completing a one year apprenticeship in Business Administration. Having already become a very valuable member of the team George has now become the first line of support for many of our customers requests and queries.

George is now training hard for the British Championships at the end of this month and everyone here at Redline wishes him the best of luck for his next competition.

12th June 2015 – Changes to Non-Geographic Numbers


Ofcom are changing the way that non-geographic numbers (NGNs) are charged in the UK. All of the changes come into effect on the 1st July 2015 and will be itemised on all customers August invoices. Please see below for full details of these changes:

Calling 080x numbers

All 080x numbers will now be free to call from all UK destinations including mobiles.

Inbound 080x numbers

If you own or operate an 0800 number, an additional charge will be generated for calls to that number to take into consideration that they are now free of charge from all platforms including mobile operators.

Calling 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers

To make the cost to call the above numbers clearer for you, Ofcom have split the cost into two parts; a service charge and an access charge.

The service charge for numbers is set by the original range holder and remains the same regardless of where the call is made from.This will be a standard charge.

The access charge is then applied to deliver the call.

Also, as of the 1st of July, all customers bills will display the access charge and the service charge separately; business bills can combine the rate on the bill though this may change in the future.

The access charge from Redline Tele.com is £0.05 per minute.

Inbound 084, 009 and 118 numbers 

One major change is that charging bands are no longer associated to the prefix. For example ‘0870’ is longer associated with a national call rate.

All 084 and 087 numbers are now banded by their service change ranging from 1 – 13ppm. 084 numbers are capped at 7ppm and 087 numbers are capped at 13ppm.

The service charge for a number has been dictated by the original range holder and has no bearing on the previous charge for the number i.e. a 5ppm 0844 number may not remain a 5ppm service charge number.

Finally, advertising rules have changed for 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers, which are now advertised in the format, “Calls will cost you x pence per minute, plus your telecom company’s access charge.”

                                                                                                                                              For more information on these changes please call 01432 367188 or alternatively email info@redlinetele.com


 27th April 2015 – Low cost, flexible mobile tariff now available 

Great for seasonal workers!


Redline Telecom are now offering a fantastic low cost, flexible monthly mobile tariff on the O2 network. The new Best for Business tariff has a monthly rental of just £6 and has a brilliant range  of great value bolt ons available.

The major advantage of this new tariff is the fact there is no minimum contract term so users can cancel and re-start the service whenever they need. This makes the Best for Business tariff the perfect solution for any businesses with seasonal or occasional workers or those businesses with users of a very low usage.

fruit pickers

The Best for Business tariff also offers free calls to other O2 mobiles and unlike a Pay As You Go service you don’t have to worry about constantly topping up workers mobiles or having their credit expire. For a full breakdown of this new tariff please see below:


Best for Business Tariff Guide

Service Cost (ex VAT)
Monthly Line Rental: £6.00 per month

O2 to O2 calls: Free of charge
Fixed line numbers & Voicemail: 8p per minute
Text Messaging: 10p per message
O2 to Other UK Networks: 30p per minute
MMS: 21p per message

Bolt On Cost (ex VAT)
200 Text Messages: £2.50 per month
500 Text Messages: £5.00 per month
Unlimited Text Messages: £6.50 per month
100Mb (UK) – The Basics: £2.50 per month
500Mb (UK) – The All Rounder: £5.00 per Month
1Gb (UK) – The Works: £8.33 per month
4G Data – 1Gb: £11.33 per month
4G Data – 3Gb: £14.17 per month
4G Data – 8Gb: £20.83 per month


For more information on the Best for Business Tarriff please call 01432 367188 or alternatively email info@redlinetele.com



 16th March 2015 – Have you got the correct Care Level? 

It is sometimes easy to forget just how important your fixed lines are to your business. Without a working line most businesses are not contactable by the public or their customers and will also have no broadband facility. In this day and age you simply cannot afford to operate without a telephone line.

Should a fault ever occur on a line most people are completely unaware of the response time that you are entitled to by Openreach in order to fix the fault. It doesn’t matter who your service provider is or what your line is used for, it depends completely on what Service Care Level you have. The higher your Care Level the faster any fault will get fixed by Openreach.


Standard (Care Level Two)

“The loss of our phone lines would be inconvenient”. 

  • This is included free of charge within the line rental for all our lines except basic single lines.
  • This level of care operates between 08:00 and 18:00 on Monday to Saturday excluding bank and public holidays.    
  • For example: If a fault is reported anytime on a Tuesday, Openreach will aim to clear it by 23:59 on the Wednesday i.e. by the end of the next working day.

Enhanced (Care Level Three)

“The loss of our phone lines would be disruptive”. 

  • If your business lines are important to your business then you may wish to upgrade to our Enhanced Care Level.
  • This level of care operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding bank and public holidays.
  • For example: If a fault is reported before 12:59 on a Tuesday, Openreach will aim to clear it by 23:59 on the Tuesday i.e. on the same day if reported before lunchtime, or by lunchtime the following day if reported after lunchtime.

Premium (Care Level Four)

“The loss of our phone lines would be critical”. 

  • For businesses where phone lines are the lifeblood of the business, our Premium Care Level is the highest available.
  • This level of care operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week – without exceptions.
  • For example: If a fault is reported at 02:00 on a Tuesday, Openreach will aim to clear it by 08:00 on the Tuesday i.e. within 6 hours.


To find out what Care Level you currently have on your lines, or if you are an existing customer and wish to upgrade your Care Level then please call 01432 367188 or alternatively email info@redlinetele.com


18th February 2015 – What is SMART Divert?


SMART Divert is a feature on your line which enables you to access your call divert feature remotely. This means that you can set up or remove call diverts from your line at any time from any phone. For example, if you leave the office on a Friday night and forget to divert your calls to a mobile you can still do this from the comfort of your own home.

This feature is also great for small business without a telephone system. If you have more than one line then you can use the SMART Divert feature to automatically divert calls to your other line should your main line be busy. No longer will you miss valuable calls!

smart divert

How does SMART Divert Work?

To use SMART Divert you firstly get given your own unique pin code. This pin code is then used so that you can access the feature from any phone when dialling the access number given once the service is added to your account.

There is then a list of different codes you can use so that you can easily programme the SMART Divert to divert calls to where and when you want them to go to. A full list of instructions are given when the service is added to your account.

How do I get SMART Divert?

The good news is that all business lines with Redline come with the SMART Divert feature free of charge. As long as you have an analogue or multi-auxiliary line then the service will be available. To speak to one of the team for more information please call 01432 367188 or alternatively email info@redlinetele.com


15th January 2015 – £15.00 Broadband for 2015!


2015 has already seen us introduce Fibre Broadband half-price to all new customers for the whole of the calendar year. We now have another exciting new broadband offer for those of you who are may not be tempted by Fibre Broadband…


ADSL MAX Unlimited Business Broadband – £15.00 per month for 2015!

  • £15.00 per month until 31/12/2015 – Normal cost £21.99 per month
  • Unlimited usage
  • Gets the maximum speed from your lines capabilities
  • Free Router
  • Your own personal account manager for any help & support


How is Business Grade Broadband different to standard Residential Broadband?

It’s easy to get confused with so many different products, services and prices out there on the market. People often think they are getting a great deal on a service only to find out later that the speeds promised aren’t quite what they seem and their service is being slowed down during peak periods.

office picture website

With Business Grade Broadband you effectively share the line and service with less people. This enables businesses to get the absolute maximum from their line capabilities in comparison to standard broadband products suited towards a home environment.

For more information please call 01432 367188 or alternatively email info@redlinetele.com


5th January 2015 – New Year, New Broadband


 The whole team here at Redline would like to wish you all a very happy New Year! To celebrate the start of 2015 we have an exciting brand new Fibre Broadband offer, why not kick-start the year with a new super-fast connection?

Free Install & Unlimited Fibre Broadband half-price for 12 months!

                                     fibre broadband image

  •  Offer includes a free router, up to 76Mbps download speeds & 19Mbps upload speeds, and an unlimited monthly download limit.
  • Free Install – Normal cost £99.00
  • £20.00 per month for 2015 – Normal Cost £40.00 per month
  • Offer available to new connections only


What is Fibre Optic Broadband?

Well, fibre optic wires are made up of plastic or glass and are minuscule in size. They are designed to carry virtual information at very high speeds and gives out significantly faster download speeds than conventional ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband services. It is becoming increasingly popular within businesses as higher speeds means higher productivity!

For more information please call 01432 367188 or alternatively email info@redlinetele.com



23rd December 2014 – Hello World!


Welcome to our brand new news page here at Redline Telecom! Our aim is to keep you all updated with what’s going on inside our company, supply you with news within our industry and perhaps share one or two stories about our members of staff!




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