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Remote working

Is your business set-up for remote working?

Is your business set-up for remote working? We have a range of remote working solutions available!

Facilitating remote working is now central to so many businesses. Our cloud phone systems are enable your team the flexibility to work remotely as standard. Your team can stay connected to your system whether they are in the office, working from home or on the move.

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Remote Working Features

Business Phone Systems that Work Anywhere, Anytime!

Our cloud phone systems are the perfect remote working solution! Cloud telephony means that your business no longer needs a physical on-site call server and you simply need a broadband connection to connect back to your main telephone system located in a super secure data centre!

You can choose to take your desk phone home from your office or take advantage of our real time communications platform allowing you to make and receive calls via your mobile or PC with the full functionality of your business telephone system. Transfer calls, put callers on-hold and see your colleague’s availability no matter what your location.

Remote Broadband

Home broadband solutions

Although your business may have a super-fast broadband connection in place this doesn’t mean your staff will at home! We can offer a number of flexible, long and short term broadband solutions making it easier for your staff to work remotely including 4G and 5G mobile broadband connections.

Remote Training

Remote Installations and Staff Training

Gone are the days where an on-site engineer visit is always necessary. In 2021 more businesses are opting for cloud phone system solutions and this means that remote installation and training are simple. 

We can deliver new, fully configured cloud phone systems to your office or staff’s homes ready to plug-in and use or if physical phones aren’t required then we can complete remote set-up of mobile and PC app’s. As part of this service we offer remote training sessions to ensure you are getting the most from your cloud phone system and every member of staff will also be provided with video user guides and quick reference guides.

Mobile phone Home

Flexible mobile phone contracts

Looking into 2021 and beyond, flexible telecoms solutions are key in helping businesses succeed and operate efficiently which is why we have a range of flexible, short & long term business mobile phone contracts.

Whether your business requires a new mobile number for a member of staff working remotely for a few months or you have field-based sales people who require mobile contracts with large amounts of data then we have solutions available on EE, Vodafone and O2.

Conference Calls

Conference calls

Conference calling allows multiple people to join a call at any one time. Whether the participants of the call are sat next to each other in the same office, in different cities, or halfway across the world, a conference call will mean you can keep connected easily.

All of our business telephone systems and cloud phone systems come with full conference calling capabilities or if you don’t have a telephone system in place we even offer a virtual conference room facility where you can dial-in from anywhere!

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