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Conference calling allows multiple people to join a call at any one time.

What is conference calling?

Conference calls are remote meetings where multiple participants connect via phone or video in real-time. Whether the participants of the call are sat next to each other in the same office, in different cities, or halfway across the world, a conference call will mean you can keep connected easily.

Conference calls streamline communication, saving time and resources while accommodating flexible work arrangements, fostering effective teamwork, and enhancing connectivity across distances.

How does conference calling work on my telephone system?

All of our Ericsson-LG iPECS business telephone systems and hosted VOIP systems come with full conference calling capability. This means you can easily set-up a conference call by adding multiple members of staff to a current call or alternatively you can create dedicated virtual conference rooms. Conference rooms enable people to dial-in to a conference using a dedicated freephone number and you have the option to add a welcome message or greeting message when they dial-in to the conference! Our web based real time communication platform solution (iPECS ONE) also allows for multi-part video conferencing or one to one HD video calling for those situations where you require more than just voice.

What happens if I don’t have a telephone system or cloud phone system in place?

If your business doesn’t currently have a telephone system or hosted VoIP phone system in place you can still use our virtual conference room facility. We can assign you a dedicated virtual telephone number and a pin code so you can invite external parties to a call and you simply have to dial in to start the call whether you’re on your mobile or a fixed line phone.

Our virtual conference calling facility allows you to create up to 10 conference rooms and each room can accommodate up to 100 attendees. There’s even the option to add a greeting message or music that participants will hear when they join the conference call.

Conference call

Conference Calling Features

Order your virtual conference room facility

Get assigned your dedicated conference number and pin code

Choose your welcome message or music

Create up to 10 conference rooms (100 participants per room)

Invite Conference Call

Start inviting parties to your conference!

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