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Why is broadband so important to businesses?

There is nothing more frustrating than a painfully slow internet connection or even worse one which keeps dropping out altogether. Whether you are watching a film, trying to look for a recipe or simply wanting to update a profile image on your social media it’s enough to make you want to quit the internet all together! As frustrating as this problem can be at home – spare a thought for local business owners who rely on a fast internet connection to keep things running smoothly. Without it employees will complain and be unable to complete tasks, sales can’t go through the tills and customer’s projects could be delayed significantly, damaging your reputation.

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30th October 2019 - Welcoming a new member of the team!

We’re delighted to welcome Matt Ramage to the Redline team who has recently joined us as an Account Manager!

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2nd October 2019 - Redline News, Issue 4

Redline News is back for the fourth successive year & the 1043 copies (to be exact!) will be hitting all of our customers desks this week.

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17th September 2019 - Full Fibre network launched in Leominster!

As Herefordshire's telecoms experts we are excited to be able to offer a range of Full Fibre products that are going live in Leominster this September.

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15th July 2019 - Openreach Service Care levels & the importance to your business!

Did you know that which Openreach Service Care Level that you have on your lines can determine how quickly Openreach fix any fault reported? All lines, even residential one’s, come with a Service Care Level ranging from level 1 all the way to level 4. Redline recommend level 4 cover for any telephone lines that are critical for your business.

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