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Does your business have a back-up broadband solution?

In the modern world businesses are becoming totally reliant on their broadband connection and many are unable to operate sufficiently

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Why is broadband so important to businesses?

There is nothing more frustrating than a painfully slow internet connection or even worse one which keeps dropping out altogether. Whether you are watching a film, trying to look for a recipe or simply wanting to update a profile image on your social media it’s enough to make you want to quit the internet all together! As frustrating as this problem can be at home – spare a thought for local business owners who rely on a fast internet connection to keep things running smoothly. Without it employees will complain and be unable to complete tasks, sales can’t go through the tills and customer’s projects could be delayed significantly, damaging your reputation.

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The traditional telephone network switch-off & the move to a cloud based telephone system

There is a lot of scaremongering going on within the telecoms industry at the moment related to the planned 2025 BT Openreach ISDN network switch-off. As always we’ll cut through all the industry jargon and give you our honest, expert advice regarding the matter!

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Redline News, Issue 4

Redline News is back for the fourth successive year & the 1043 copies (to be exact!) will be hitting all of our customers desks this week.

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Welcoming a new member of the team!

We’re delighted to welcome Matt Ramage to the Redline team who has recently joined us as an Account Manager!

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