Leased Lines, SoGEA, FTTP, FTTC and Mobile Broadband.

Leased Lines

A DIA fibre Ethernet Leased Line service could be referred to as the pinnacle in broadband solutions! This type of connection offers a private, uncontended high performance internet connection.

SOGEA Broadband

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. In plain English, it’s broadband without a landline. Up until now, to deliver Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband to your business you needed to have a traditional phone line installed and then ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband provided on top of it.

FTTP: Fibre to the Premises

A Fibre to the Premises connection is a pure fibre connection from the local telephone exchange directly into your business. This cuts out the need to run the connection over a PSTN analogue phone line allowing for a more stable connection with far greater speeds.

FTTC: Fibre to the Cabinet

Similar to ADSL broadband, a Fibre to the Cabinet connection is run over a standard PSTN analogue phone line which is then connected to a local disruption point such as a roadside cabinet for example. From here a fibre optic cable is in place back to the local telephone exchange.

Mobile Broadband

With unlimited data options now available mobile broadband is now a highly cost-effective solution, especially in areas which don’t have access to good fixed line broadband speeds. This solution uses the 3G, 4G, or 5G mobile network using a sim card exactly like you would find in your mobile phone and can also provide a fantastic failover solution for businesses should the main broadband connection ever go down.

Fibre Heroes

Fibre Heroes

The arrival of Fibre Heroes in Ross on Wye and Leominster heralds a new era! Say goodbye to agonising waits for page loads and frustrating lags in video calls. With full access to ultrafast fibre broadband, residents and businesses experience seamless internet use, ensuring pages load instantly and video calls remain uninterrupted, enhancing productivity throughout the day. Embrace a smoother, faster-paced life with an ultrafast connection, enabling effortless internet usage regardless of time or activity.

We are extremely excited to be working alongside ITS Technology Group to help bring Gigabit capable broadband to the centre of Hereford as part of the ‘Faster Britain’ campaign. ITS have already built a Fibre to the Premises broadband network throughout the Rotherwas/Skylon area which has been in operation for a couple of years and this has now been extended into the centre of Hereford to give businesses in the city centre access to full fibre to the premises products.

Keeping your business connected

Redline are upping the game for businesses in Herefordshire and the surrounding area, enhancing connectivity with high-speed fibre networks. Our tailored solutions provide reliable, lightning-fast internet and seamless data transfer, elevating local businesses to new heights of productivity and collaboration. Redline is transforming the way companies in the region operate.

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