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Jenkinson’s are a traditional building company specialising in renovations, historical listed buildings, commercial buildings, barn conversions and bespoke projects throughout Powys, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Worcestershire. Based in Three Cocks, near Hay-on-Wye, the company was founded over 50 years ago and now employ over 20 members of staff. 

The Issue?

When the Contracts Manager Toby Johnson originally contacted Redline the company had been let down by their existing telecoms provider after initially being promised a second line to work from their main number. Toby had identified the need for a second line in order to ensure that customers could get through to the company at all times and did not just get an engaged tone if the line was already in use. 

Unfortunately when the order was placed with their existing provider Openreach failed to install the second line as requested and the problem got worse when they were even left without their original line for a number of days. Jenkinson’s existing handsets were also not sufficient and with no telephone system in place following a lack of advice from their supplier they would have had no way of managing inbound calls or transferring calls between their current handsets. 

The Response

A full site survey was completed in order to review the existing set-up and cabling in order to decide on the best route forward. This also provided a great opportunity to have an in-depth chat with Toby about the company’s requirements moving forward where it soon became clear that a professional voicemail service and a telephone system with call handling facilities would be perfect in order to ensure that Jenkinson’s did not miss any incoming calls and potential business. We also tested the broadband speeds to establish whether IP voice was a realistic solution.  

The Solution

Following the site survey Redline recommended that the most cost effective, efficient solution would be a fully hosted VOIP system (EVE). As Jenkinson’s already had a stable Fibre Broadband connection in place the connectivity was perfect for making and receiving all their voice calls from and this solution also meant that the company did not have to purchase a physical on-site telephone system meaning the initial outlay was much lower than expected.  

We supplied Jenkinson’s with three Yealink VOIP handsets and licences which plugged directly into their existing broadband router with made to measure Ethernet cables which we provided. With every VOIP licence acting as an inbound/outbound line Jenkinson’s now have three lines meaning all members of the office staff can make/receive a call at any one time. We even ported their main number onto the VOIP licences meaning there was no break in service. 

EVE has allowed us to have all the features of a traditional on-site telephone system at the fraction of the cost. The flexibility it has given our business is great and I can now even have my office extension number working from my mobile.

Toby Johnson - Contracts Manager

Satisfied? Voicemail, music on-hold, call handling, mobile application!  


 Jenkinson’s now have a full-operational telephone system meaning they never have to miss a call again. With three inbound/outbound lines, on the rare occasion all the lines are busy calls are now routed to a professionally recorded voicemail service. Not only that, the staff can now easily transfer calls between all their handsets and they also have a music on-hold facility which comes as standard. 

In addition to this Toby also opted to make use of the fantastic mobile application for his extension number making for great flexibility as hecan now make and receive calls on his office extension number when working from home or attending client meetings. Finally, to top it off we also ported their infrequently used fax line onto a Fax-to-Email service so on the rare occasion a customer does send them a fax it comes through as an email meaning they have done away with their rather bulky, historic fax machine! 

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