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Why is broadband so important to businesses?

There is nothing more frustrating than a painfully slow internet connection or even worse one which keeps dropping out altogether. Whether you are watching a film, trying to look for a recipe or simply wanting to update a profile image on your social media it’s enough to make you want to quit the internet all together! As frustrating as this problem can be at home – spare a thought for local business owners who rely on a fast internet connection to keep things running smoothly. Without it employees will complain and be unable to complete tasks, sales can’t go through the tills and customer’s projects could be delayed significantly, damaging your reputation.


Technology is constantly evolving and advancing and as a result many businesses need a good connection to simply function these days. It’s not just used for commutating and browsing the internet but many companies rely heavily on e-commerce, social media marketing strategies, methods of taking payment which require an internet connection and sometimes things like VoIP phone systems.

The value of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to businesses wanting to market their brand and engage with their customer base is huge and many also agree that fast internet access and good download speeds are a priority as they need to be able to source information, work with suppliers and partners and most importantly to be able to sell to customers!

There are organisations such as the FSB who recognise the importance of fast broadband to businesses and are actively pushing for it universally. They understand that with high speed broadband as a tool, businesses will be empowered and able to expand into different markets, diversify into a wider range of products and have the opportunity to compete with bigger companies.

Employees are far more likely to be motivated and enjoy completing tasks at work if they have an efficient and fast internet connection to work with. Tasks are completed quicker and overall business productivity increases significantly with happy employees who are able to get on and enjoy their work.

Something which comes up a lot when talking about the importance of broadband to businesses local to Herefordshire is the issue of rural locations. Some businesses are really at a disadvantage because of lack of access to fast speeds and in some cases expansion and growth have been really limited by this.

The final point to think about it businesses who host their own website. Slow broadband speeds could actually affect the customers who are looking at your website even though they are viewing it through their own connection. We have all been guilty of giving up on a site that seems to take forever and a day to load and it’s a sure way to guarantee a loss of customers to competitors.

Redline Telecom are experts in this area and have experience of working alongside businesses of all sizes, helping them to save money, retain clients and become more efficient in their activity online. If you would like some advice or a conversation about choosing the right broadband for your business get in
contact today 01432 367188