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2025 Traditional Telephone

Network Switch-off

With traditional phone lines set to end life in 2025, is your business prepared?

If you’ve currently got a traditional analogue phone line (including ISDN), you may be aware it's due to 'switch off' in 2025. With the UK’s analogue network being switched off businesses may need upgrade or replace their current telephony systems to IP alternatives (routing your call traffic over your broadband connection).

Any traditional telephone lines still used to run broadband over will also need to be converted to new technology to ensure they aren’t affected by the change.


Don’t fret, we’re here to help!

Trusted by over 1000 businesses throughout Herefordshire, Worcestershire & Wales Redline have already helped hundreds of businesses prepare for 2025 by upgrading to IP telephony and taking advantage of the latest superfast broadband products available including fibre to the premises broadband and SOGEA broadband.

Not only will switching over to IP voice prepare your business for 2025 but there are loads of great benefits including:


  • Free UK local, national & mobile calls
  • High definition call quality
  • Remote working functionality
  • Huge range of features such as call recording & conference calling


In order to help your business prepare for this major change we are offering all businesses free site surveys so we can check your existing set-up and advise on the changes you may need to make:

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