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There is a lot of scaremongering going on within the telecoms industry at the moment related to the planned 2025 BT Openreach ISDN network switch-off. As always we’ll cut through all the industry jargon and give you our honest, expert advice regarding the matter!



The Facts:

Openreach announced some time ago that they will be transferring their networks from analogue & digital to IP (internet protocol) networks. As a result it will no longer be possible to maintain and support the public switched telephone network, (PSTN) which includes ISDN Lines (mainly used by businesses) and analogue PSTN lines (that most people have at home) beyond the 2025 date. PSTN lines will still be used beyond this date to run broadband but not for voice calls.


Our advice:

Some companies are advising that the date is 2020 but this is the date when Openreach will stop taking orders for any new ISDN products, not switching off the network completely! A cloud system does have many benefits but ensuring that you have suitable connectivity in place is key.


What is a Cloud based system? 

A Cloud based telephone system is an attractive solution due to the flexibility & huge range of features on offer. Rather than having a traditional telephone system hosted on-site, this is instead replicated in an enormous data centre and all your calls are routed out over your broadband connection. Not only does this have several cost benefits but it means the software on your system will never become outdated and the call quality is fantastic!



Can Redline help us with this?

You bet we can! As Herefordshire’s experts in cloud based telephony we now have over 500 users taking advantage of the many benefits that it offers. It’s important that you have a good, stable broadband connection in place. We offer all local businesses free site surveys to ensure that you have the right connectivity and suitable cabling in place.


Arrange a full demo in your own office

See our award winning Ericsson LG iPECS Cloud system in action so you can see first-hand how the system can benefit your business! We have over 500 users on the system already and we even use the exact same system in our own office.




Here are some of the most popular features available on our cloud system:

  •   Geographic numbers - Instantly setup new numbers with local area codes
  •   Inclusive calls
  •   Voicemail & voicemail to email service
  •   Individual direct dial numbers
  •   Mobile app – Make/receive calls on your office number, access voicemail, conference calling
  •   Auto Attendant (press 1 for accounts, 2 for sales etc...)
  •   Call recording with 90 days online storage
  •   Online Management Portal