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Did you know that which Openreach Service Care Level that you have on your lines can determine how quickly Openreach fix any fault reported? All lines, even residential one’s, come with a Service Care Level ranging from level 1 all the way to level 4. Redline recommend level 4 cover for any telephone lines that are critical for your business.


Here's a breakdown of all the Openreach Service Care Levels...


Level 1 comes as standard on all residential lines and means that Openreach will aim to fix any line fault within two working days. For example a fault reported on Monday will be cleared by the end of Wednesday.

Level 2 comes as standard on all of Redline’s business lines and means that Openreach will aim to fix any line fault by the end of the next working day and faults can be reported on the line 24/7. For example, a fault reported on Monday will normally be cleared by the close of play on Tuesday.

Level 3 is charged at an additional rate of £3.90 per month, per line by Openreach and means that they will aim, with best endeavours, to complete any repair by the next half working day. For example a fault reported before 13:00 will be cleared the same day. Any fault reported after 13:00 will be cleared by 13:00 the next working day.

Level 4 is the highest level of care available and means Openreach will aim to fix any line fault within a 6-hour period on each requested phone line, regardless of weekends, bank holidays or working hours. This is a 365-day 24/7 service with the ability to log faults at any time of the day costing just £5.25 per month, per line.

If the line that your main broadband connection is on develops a fault and your business is left without an internet connection then if you report the fault with us at 8am on a Monday for example then the line fault should be resolved by 2pm the same day. Occasionally other external factors can sometimes delay these times however such as bad weather or wider network faults.


For detailed information on all of the Openreach Service Care Levels please download our handy guide: Openreach Service Care Level Guide

As always, please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the subject further or if you don't know what Care Level your lines currently have on them we can complete a full account review for you and recommend which lines may require Care Level 4.