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Music on Hold

Did you know that 34% of callers whose calls aren’t answered will not ring back?

All businesses have to place callers on hold from time to time, whether they are simply transferring a call to another member of staff, resolving a query or perhaps all the lines are busy. Many businesses still operate with very dated music on hold or some with no music on hold at all meaning that callers can become frustrated and may even hang up which of course can lead to a negative impact not only on your businesses image but also a possible loss in business.

A professionally recorded music on hold service can not only improve your call handling experience for your customers but it can also become a fantastic marketing tool and a great way of keeping your customers informed about things such as opening times or amendments to products and services. For example a customer may not realise that your business offers several other services that may benefit them and whilst they are waiting on hold you have their undivided attention!

  • Inform customers of business opening times
  • Market products and services
  • Reassure customers that their call is still connected and being dealt with
  • Give your customers a professional image as their first impression

The good news in that all the LG Ericsson telephone systems and VOIP solutions that we offer come with full music on hold capabilities. You can either select from one of the several generic music on hold choices that come as standard, record your own or take advantage of the professionally recorded music on hold service that we offer:

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