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Mobile, more than just handsets!

Redline have been supplying mobile phones to businesses since we started back in 1998. Over time the industry has changed and with developments in technology and the recent launch of the 5G network we explore 3 other ways that we can now help our customers with mobile network solutions:


1)      Broadband failover

With the switch to IP voice based telephone systems, a reliable broadband connection is now more important than ever. Unfortunately, broadband faults do occur from time to time so it’s vital to have a failover solution in place should your fixed line broadband connection fail. A 4G mobile broadband sim card can be a great cost-effective solution. The sim card can simply be inserted into your broadband router if compatible and if your main broadband connection fails, all your phones and computers can automatically switch over to the 4G connection! Mobile broadband can even be utilised as your main broadband connection should traditional fixed line options not be available.


2)      Vehicle Tracking

All of our stolen vehicle recovery tracking units and Quartex fleet management units use sim cards in order to send live data in to pinpoint the GPS coordinate location of the vehicle that is being tracked. Cars, Lorries and Buses can be tracked; as well as Caravans and even stock trailers!


3)      IoT (Internet of Things)

You may have heard the term ‘IoT’ thrown about a lot recently. The Internet of Things is the term given to a network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics and software which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. We’ve supplied customers with sim cards allowing connectivity for things such as Smart Fridges, alarms, Smart Meters, In-Car Wi-Fi, electronic gates and cameras!