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Faster Britain Fibre

NEW Faster Britain Fibre to the Premises broadband network going live in Hereford city centre!

We are extremely excited to be working alongside ITS Technology Group to help bring Gigabit capable broadband to the centre of Hereford as part of the ‘Faster Britain’ campaign. ITS have already built a Fibre to the Premises broadband network throughout the Rotherwas/Skylon area which has been in operation for a couple of years and this has now been extended into the centre of Hereford to give businesses in the city centre access to full fibre to the premises products.

  • Free Installation 
  • Fibre directly into your property – no telephone line required
  • 24/7 support

As a business specialising in providing connectivity solutions to Hereford and the surrounding areas we realise poor internet connectivity can have a detrimental effect on businesses' day-to-day operations. Poor connectivity can impact businesses when considering modern workplace technology such as IP (internet protocol) based technology cloud-based software.

This type of internet connection is the fastest available in the country as unlike other fibre services there is no copper in the network. This internet connection will also replace your current broadband circuit and will be in line with the Government’s target of at least 85% of UK addresses having Gigabit capable fibre by 2025.

The extended network will span from Rotherwas Industrial Estate, through the city centre, spanning to Swainshill and Bobblestock, and along the A4103.

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Faster Britain Fibre

What is Fibre to the Premises?

The products that will be available on the network are 100% fibre meaning that they don’t require a telephone line to run it over like a standard Fibre to the Cabinet connection as the fibre is installed directly into your property. As a result of this the speeds that you are able to receive are assured meaning factors such as the quality of your copper phone line or the distance that you are away from the cabinet does not affect the speeds and quality of service that you receive. Better still, the service can grow with your business and can easily be re-graded in the future should you require additional bandwidth. 

What speeds are available? 
There are a variety of packages available to suit businesses of all sizes with prices starting at just £55 per month for synchronised 100mbps upload & download speeds with packages available all the way to 1000mbps!

On traditional Fibre to the Cabinet broadband services the maximum upload speeds available are 20mbps so having access to 100mbps upload speeds is great news for businesses in the city!  Over 30 businesses have already had their internal installations complete & are ready to take advantage of the many benefits a faster, more stable broadband connection can offer.

Why are upload speeds so important for businesses?

  • Using VOIP telephony
  • Video calling
  • Accessing files remotely 
  • Processing card payments
  • Cloud based software & back-ups 

Order now with Herefordshire’s telecoms experts based on Commercial Road for 23 years!