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Cloud Phone Systems (VOIP)

We are experts in cloud phone systems!

With the closure of the traditional BT Openreach PSTN & ISDN traditional telephone network scheduled for 2025, more and more businesses are starting to move towards fully hosted cloud based telephone systems. We've have already helped over 500 businesses make the switch to a cloud based telephone system.

Not only do the latest VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems have exceptional call quality but they are packed full of features giving your business the perfect call handling experience and great flexibility.

Gone are the days where staff are simply tied to one desk. With a cloud phone system you can use your desk phone from anywhere with a broadband connection. Better still, mobile phone and PC integration allows for full remote working capability where you can easily make and receive calls on your business phone system no matter where you are in the world. Our award-winning cloud phone system solution (iPECS Cloud by Ericsson LG) offers all of this and more!

Check out our Cloud Phone products below

Cloud Phones

Ericsson-LG LIP 1010i handset

The 1010i it the entry-level phone in the 1000i range. Designed for deployments in low use areas, the 1010i is ideal for low use areas where larger, colour screens and access to multiple pre-programmed keys is not a pre-requisite.

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Cloud Phones

Ericsson-LG LIP 1030i handset

Considered as the entry-level for the office worker, the 1030i is a phone for the occasional use office worker that boasts a full colour, backlit display, numerous programmable keys and a full complement of fixed feature keys.

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Cloud Phones

Ericsson-LG LIP 1040i handset

The 1040i means business and is fully expected to become the workhorse of the 1000i range. A perfect blend of user-programmable buttons, fixed features and large, clear colour display make it the ideal phone for desk-based workers who are dealing with a high volume of days during the average working day.

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Cloud Phones

Ericsson-LG LIP 1050i handset

The 1050i is the current top-of-the-range model in the 1000i range. With a large, full-colour, backlit display supporting the greatest number of user-programmable buttons, the 1050i could be thought of as the "Executive" model.

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Cloud Phones

Ericsson-LG LIP 9071 handset

This top-of-the-range handset has a full touchscreen interface and Bluetooth integration. Support for apps and web browsing means you have a phone and tablet video conference unit in a single device. Open app store enables apps to run from the phone. HDMI output.

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Ericsson LG iPECS Cloud system offers:

  • Call Recording with 90 days free online storage
  • Conference & video calling
  • Individual direct dial numbers
  • Mobile phone & PC Application
  • Voicemail & voicemail to email service
  • Calling Menu’s
  • CRM, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft outlook integration
  • Music on-hold & on-hold marketing
  • Hot desking
  • Call queues
  • Call Reporting
  • Online Management Portal
Cloud Phones

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VOIP right for my business?
Connectivity is key for VOIP and is reliant on a good, stable broadband connection. We can complete a free health check on your broadband to determine if your existing connection is suitable and we also offer all businesses free site surveys to see if VOIP is right for your business.

What happens to my cloud phone system if my broadband goes down?
Don't worry, there are a number of failover solutions available to ensure that you aren't left without phones should a fault ever occur on your broadband connection. One example is to have a router with a sim card slot with can utilize a 4G mobile broadband connection. If your main connection ever fails your phones can automatically switch over to the 4G mobile broadband sim card! We offer and number of failover solutions so please get in touch for further details.

How do I make changes to my cloud phone system?
iPECS Cloud comes with a super secure, easy to use online portal which can be used to quickly make any changes to the set-up of your system such as changing what phones ring at what times or the time schedule that your voicemail service is set to. You can also call our main 24/7/365 support line where we can assist with making changes remotely for you as well! 

Can I keep my phone number if I move to a hosted VOIP system?
Yes! We can port all numbers onto the iPECS Cloud platform, whether you are moving from another cloud system or directly from your existing ISDN2 or analogue phone lines. We can ensure that your new cloud phone system is set-up alongside your current system initially to ensure you have no downtime as part of the process. We also provide full staff training to ensure that your transition to cloud is as easy as possible.

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