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Call Recording

What is call recording?

Choosing a phone system or cloud system with call recording means you can automatically capture every telephone conversation that takes place within your business and replay them at the touch of a button. This can include both internal and external telephone calls.

Both our Ericsson-LG iPECS cloud phone system and on-premise telephone systems come with call recording capabilities whether you want the option to record every single call or whether you simply want to press a button on your handset when you want to record a call.

Our cloud phone system (VOIP) solution comes with call recording software free of charge with 90 days secure online storage. All the calls for your business are stored here and can be accessed easily via a web portal to listen back to and download them whenever required.

Call Recording

What are the benefits of call recording?

Staff training
Call recording can be a great tool to help train staff and help improve customer service levels. The recordings can be used to evaluate staff performance or used on staff training days where a selection of calls can be played back for both low and high quality examples of customer service to help boost performance.

Obtaining the correct information
We’ve all had a telephone call before where we’ve misheard an email address or forgotten the name of the person that called. Thankfully with call recording you can easily listen back to the call to ensure that you have obtained the correct information.

Dispute resolution
No business wishes to have a dispute with its customers or suppliers but thankfully with call recording functionality you an have the peace of mind that you can always listen back to a conversation if needed to help quickly resolve any disputes or queries.

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