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With the closure of the Openreach ISDN network scheduled for 2025 more and more businesses are starting to move towards fully hosted cloud based systems.


VoIP, or Voice over IP, allows users to make phone calls over the internet. This modern technology is capable of converting analogue voice signals into digital packets of information. These packets can then be sent over the internet, allowing for conversations to take place anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available.

We have been using VoIP in our own office in Hereford for over 5 years now but it's important to remember that this solution isn't suitable for everyone. VoIP relies on a stable, reliable broadband connection which as we all know isn't always available, especially in and around Herefordshire! Our team here in Hereford are here to help give you advice on the most suitable solution for your business.


So, what are the benefits of IP Voice?



IP systems give the flexibility that many traditional systems are unable to provide. As long as you have a stable broadband connection you can simply plug your handset in anywhere and start making calls from your virtual cloud based number. This means your staff can work from anywhere in the world and there is no limit to the amount of users you have working from your system.

Our own VoIP system 'EVE' even comes with a soft phone app allowing users to operate their telephone from their PC and a mobile application which means you can have your office extension number working from your mobile handset. You truly can work from anywhere!

 VOIP Hereford

Voice Quality

As long as you have a reliable internet connection with good bandwidth you can experience voice quality that is the equal of, or in most cases better than a traditional phone connection. 


VoIP is a very cost effective option for small to medium businesses who may not have the funds for a traditional telephone system that is hosted on site. As you are only purchasing handsets which may not even be required if you opt for the PC friendly soft phone, then the only other thing you need is a stable broadband connection. It can also help reduce your ongoing costs as you only need to pay a licence fee per user as opposed to paying for traditional ISDN line rental.

Feature Rich

There are loads of different features available on the latest VoIP platforms that many traditional systems are unable to offer. Our own VoIP system 'EVE' offers music on-hold services, switchboards, call recording and even a busy lamp-field service so you can see if other members of staff are on the phone even if they are the other side of the world! 


Remember our team in Hereford are always here to give advice and help find the most suitable solution for your business. For more information on IP Voice give us a call on 01432 367188 or pop into our walk-in office on Commercial Road and see our own VoIP system in action!