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When investing in a new telephone system there are many important things to consider in order to ensure that you have the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your business.


With the proposed ISDN2 switch off scheduled for 2025 many businesses are starting to invest in IP based solutions and are moving away from the traditional telephone network. Connectivity is key however and unfortunately for many of our customers especially in Herefordshire who suffer with poor broadband speeds, unstable connections and have no alternative affordable connectivity options available, now is not the right time to consider moving to IP voice.


All of our on premise telephone systems are hybrid however and therefore can be connected to analogue lines, ISDN and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks for IP voice so there is no need to wait to take advantage of the facilities that the new systems offer.

When making the choice between which system is right for your business there are several pros and cons of each to consider. Luckily our team here in Hereford are here to help and are aided by years of experience!


Fully Hosted (Cloud) VOIP Phone System

Fully hosted VOIP systems often have lower up-front costs involved than traditional on premise telephone systems as you don’t have the initial outlay of the system itself. We specialise in Yealink VOIP handsets and our VOIP platform ‘EVE’ comes with voicemail, music on-hold, personal call queues and even call recording as standard. VOIP is feature rich and offers great flexibility as you can use handsets anywhere in the world with a broadband connection and there is also a mobile app available to allow users to have their office extension working from their mobile. 

VOIP Hereford_3

Remember though, VOIP isn’t suitable for everyone and a good, stable broadband connection is vital. Various failover solutions are available however such as having a mobile broadband sim card in your router in case the main broadband connection ever goes down.



On Premise System (LG Ericsson EMG80 & UCP)

One key advantage that a telephone system hosted on site offers is resilience! Both the LG Ericsson systems that we offer are hybrid and can be connected to analogue lines, ISDN and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks for IP voice. This means you can utilise your internet connection for making and receiving calls if the connectivity is suitable whilst also having a traditional analogue line going into the system as failover should the broadband ever go down. There's also no need to worry if the connectivity isn't suitable as you can still make use of many of the great features the systems offer with existing traditional lines!

With channels of SIP only costing £6.00 each this can offer a far more cost effective solution than using traditional ISDN2 lines and can also work out cheaper than a cloud based system depending on the number of users that are required. Both systems that we are offer are feature rich with voicemail, music on-hold and call recording options just a few of the things the systems offer!


on premises system

Remember, every business is different so there is no one size fits all solution! A free site visit can be arranged with our team of Hereford based engineers where we can get to understand the businesses unique requirements and then study the existing infrastructure and connectivity in order to assist with the most suitable, future proof solution.


By Alex