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With the closure of the Openreach ISDN network scheduled for 2025 more and more businesses are starting to move towards fully hosted cloud based systems.


Not only do the latest VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems have exceptional call quality but they are packed full of features giving your business the perfect call handling experience.


VOIP systems also give the flexibility that many traditional systems are unable to provide. As long as you have a stable broadband connection you can simply plug your handset in anywhere and start making calls from your virtual cloud based number.

EVE is an intelligent cloud-based IP Telephony Service providing the highest available voice clarity on every call, everywhere. With a state-of-the-art portal and desktop app, EVE gives businesses the flexibility that the modern working environment demands. A downloadable smartphone app even means that you can have your office extension number working off your mobile!

Having been involved in the design and launch of the system our team in Hereford have direct access to the development and programming team and unlike other VOIP networks the data centre in which your calls are routed is fully UK based meaning hosted telephony is more reliable than ever.

EVE boasts features such as music on-hold, call recording, voicemail, instant messaging and much, much more!

"EVE has allowed us to have all the features of a traditional on-site telephone system at the fraction of the cost. The flexibility it has given our business is great as I can now have my office extension number working from my mobile."

Toby - Jenkinson Builders
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